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By Doug Germann

I have no call to be reasonable. My call is to the spirit, to the experience of life that precedes cognition and separation from life and others. My call is to engage people in the life of divinity which exists fully between and among people.

My call is “urgently out beyond the ordinary and the reasonable,” to use Brueggemann's phrase. These have gotten us where we are, which is ordinary and reasonable, but we need to go to a new place. The place we are is full of pain.

What pain? The pain of being unemployed or underemployed. The pain of being not heard. The pain of being invisible.

What new place? You have the power to make the world better, to turn the world just a bit toward kindness and connecting and moving.

Please pass it on.


By Douglas D. Germann, Sr. © 2009, Learning Works, Inc.

Doug Germann leads conversations that make a difference, and writes Footprints in the Wind, http://www.FootprintsintheWind.com


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