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To members and friends of the OSW.ORG:OpenSpaceInstituteUSA,

“If there is any one, single thing that I might wish for as a legacy from my wonderful journey in Open Space with the incredible multitude of folks who have chosen to share the journey -- it is that we constantly share (give away) what we are learning and doing.” --HarrisonOwen?

Why, with all the demands that call you, take the time to give back?

We learned something interesting at this year’s OSonOSinOz? (that’s the Open Space on Open Space in Australia). As Anne Pattillo so nicely summarized from a session on Giving Back, we acknowledged:

When we give back, we not only do some good, but we receive far more than we would ever have expected in the process. The result is both a personal boost and a wave of goodness that opens even more space in the world.

We’ve also learned something about the Open Space Institute-US: those who are actively involved get the most out of being members. We thought this invitation is an easy way for you to participate and get more from being a member.

So we’re inviting you to the party by asking you for the gift of your stories. Let us know about your giving back to, in or just because of Open Space Technology. Visit http://osi.bigmindcatalyst.com/giveback and write a short note about:

There are already a number of stories posted there at http://osi.bigmindcatalyst.com/giveback. Visit and revisit, post and post again, so we can all be informed, inspired, mentored, and sustained.

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