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Opportunities and Challenges: "Growing Agile Practices"

Exploring Ways to Promote a more Agile Workplace

AgileSoftwareDevelopment, once the domain of innovators alone, seems poised to break into the mainstream. The word "Agile" is popping up in the marketing materials of big-name players, whether they be adopting it wholesale or merely toying with it. But there are those who argue that this heralds a watering-down of the key values that make Agile Software Development radically different. It will become more and more important, as we move forward, to maintain the emergent nature of ASD, and to that end we are holding this event, and encouraging continued discussion here, after the event.

Facilitator: LarryPeterson, a founder of the OpenSpaceInstituteOfCanada?
Proceedings and Discussion:
AHA Page

I thought, since we didn't have a "convergence" time at the end of the day, perhaps people would like to share their "ah-ha" experiences, their "lessons learned" together in one place? Let's try it here: /AhaExperiences --DeborahHartmann


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/ParticipantSurvey The general consensus is one of satisfaction with the day.

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