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GrowingAgilePractices2004 Identifying Ways to Promote a more Agile Workplace.

Topic: What do Agilists and Traditionalists have to talk about?

Initiator: Deborah Hartmann

Participants: Rick Innis, Scott Ambler, Bo Hanchuk, George Latkiewicz

Discussion Summary:

Deb had been looking for topics that would draw both Agilist and Traditionalists to an Open Space meeting. Scott reported that, in his experience, Open Space:

Scott observed that

Discussion followed up on this last theme: What Agilists and Traditionalists have in common is that they need to work together in a given organisation. Such interfaces can still exist between:

Discussion focused on Data specilists, but other areas probably could be pursued similarly.

Differences between the two groups: (in general)


There was discussion of DBAs who understand both camps and can translate, facilitate between the two.

So Deb asked: do we need to train "blockers" in these areas? Scott countered:

Ok, so can we replace blocker by conduits? People who


Post-Meeting Discussion:

Suggestion: if you decide to take this discussion offline to a newsgroup, please indicate the location of the group here so others can join you.

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