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GrowingAgilePractices2004 Identifying Ways to Promote a more Agile Workplace.


Justifying Return on Investment / Expectations (ROI / ROE)

Initiator: Martin Wiseman

Participants: Victor, Lee, George, Scott

Discussion Summary:

Topic was expanded to include Management of Expectations. ROI was broken down into Tangible and Intangible returns.

The ROI discussion highlighted the following intangible returns:

When managing customer expectations, use the Time, Cost, Quality triangle to understand what is important to the customer so you can manage the relationship accordingly.

Conclusions / Proposals / Actions:

All projects are different and are influenced by a number of variables. Understanding the complete landscape will ensure a successful project and assist in building the business case to justify the ROI/ROE.

Post-Meeting Discussion:

Suggestion: if you decide to take this discussion offline to a newsgroup, please indicate the location of the group here so others can join you.

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