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GrowingAgilePractices2004 Identifying Ways to Promote a more Agile Workplace.

Topic: How to overcome communication hurdles

Initiator: Satish Vangipuram

Participants: JB, Fernando,Chris (which one?), Wendy, Dmitri

Discussion Summary:

We talked about how to identify environments that are not conducive for agile practices. We talke about identifying when agile practices are giving positive or negative results We discussed the fact if one can sell agile/agility

Conclusions / Proposals / Actions:

Once u see cracks and nobody wants to listen to u u need to go Difference between good and bad affects of agility is integrity. How to find people with integrity is a topic of discussing further

One needs to create a garden in a garbage dump if leaving job is not an option Instead of selling agility we need ways to uncover agility in others

Post-Meeting Discussion:

Suggestion: if you decide to take this discussion offline to a newsgroup, please indicate the location of the group here so others can join you.

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