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Larry Peterson is a teacher and facilitator of OpenSpaceTechnology, an Agile meeting technique.

Larry has 30 years of experience in facilitating meetings and transformational change in Canada and the US. He has been facilitating Open Space Technology meetings since 1990. He has led over 200 Open Space events ranging in scale from 600 to 6. He is a founder of the Open Space Institute of Canada and active in the World Wide Open Space network.

He has led Open Space events for clients such as the Integrated Service Delivery Division - Canadian Ministry of Business and Consumer services, Nortel Networks and BMO. He has also led conferences such as The Governor General's Study Conference 2000, the Learning Consortium's "Safe Schools", CQI Network's "Putting People First in Health Care" and the Kivalliq Community Justice Conference, Territory of Nunavut. He has led or co-led 12 training programs for Open Space facilitators. (Feb 2004)

Larry's website http://www.spiritedorg.com is very informative and a good starting point for locating other OpenSpace sites.

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