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I would like to participate in your Open Space Event. My background includes working as a Community Education college director and many group facilitation experiences. I helped my college develop a curriculum in Quality Management and systems thinking in Oregon, and in distance learning in Washington state. I have a Masters in Adult and Continuing Education and a Bachelor of Science in Home Economic Education. I have extensive experience in landscaping, gardening, and food demonstrations.

Recently we enjoyed Lisa Heft in a Open Space introduction in San Antonio. I had experienced it once before with Meta Zetty. Both events were exemplary. I had always wanted to learn more as a result of the experiences with training in Oregon Quality Initiative and other contacts.

I work with transformational learning with groups of women in leadership courses. We also operate www.womensglobalconnection.org which is a project to advance women and girls education, economic empowerment, and environmental stewardship in villages around the world. I am the Community Relations and Staff for the 2006 International Conference, May 18-20, 2006 in San Antonio.

My dream is to launch centers for community leadership development dedicated to the wisdom of Sophia, a meeting place for cutting edge workshops and earth reapir projects surrounded by beautiful gardens and a nourshing environment for learning.

Lucy Greer Burton Gardener and Community Educator 302 Hearne Ave San Antonio, TX 78225 210-651-4828 mobile

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