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ReFactoring is the process by which longer, conversational pages and/or sets of pages that address the same issues are combined into fewer pages or a single page that is the digest of everything known on that topic. The editing and combining is done in a way that preserves the essential meaning of everything written there.

One simple form of this is that a page might begin as a list of questions and answers. These might be cleaned up by combining like questions, combining the answers and then dropping the questions. The result is a list of all that is known about the issue initially queried.

In the same Q&A example, groups of questions might be collected into separate SubPages pages, leaving the original page as a list of links to the SubPages. This creates an index page and SubPages.

ReFactoring could also mean simplifying language without changing meaning, in the direction of MeatBall:StyleGuide. This is distinct from re-writing or re-working.

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