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 Contact info:
 Sue Ann Kendall
 9001 Braesgate CV
 Austin, TX 78717

Hello, I am Sue Ann Kendall. I live in a suburb of Austin, Texas. I work for La Leche League International, a nonprofit organization, as online communications manager. I have participated in OST at meetings and really enjoyed the process and would like to learn more about it for use with my volunteer staff and others in the organization. I find it a most remarkable tool and one that leads to both fun and productive meetings.

Bio: I have numerous linguistics degrees from the University of Florida and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. My main interests were pragmatics and metaphor. After graduate school, I worked with a variety of nonprofit organizations and a mathematics software company, as information specialist, head techie or technical writing manager. I stayed home to raise my two boys for a few years, then volunteered to make web pages for La Leche League, which led me to my job, which is a telecommuting one in which I communicate mostly by email and instant messages with my coworkers and volunteer staff. I really enjoy helping others and seeing what one can do on the Internet with very little money but a lot of creativity.

In my spare time I make web pages for other nonprofits, lactation specialists, and folk/rock musicians. I also knit constantly (you will see me doing that) and like to sing. I am also idealistically striving for world peace, whether the world wants it or not.


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