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Susan K. Hughes Wordwright Associates, 825 E Guenther St, San Antonio TX 78210-1237, 210-532-2032, 210-862-1150 mobile. susan@wordwright.com

Recently participated in an Open Space at Our Lady of the Lake with Lisa Heft. Would like to develop more expertise through additional experience.

EDUCATION: BA cum laude, Trinity University, San Antonio, 1967, speech and drama; Master of Library Science, The University of Texas at Austin, 1968. Additional graduate work, environmental studies, UTSA, 1973-75. Continuing professional education, including leadership, team building, facilitation, Open Space Technology, interviewing, grant writing, management communications, system development, quality assurance, water law, regulatory takings, wetlands and riparian areas, geology, endangered species, habitat conservation planning, etc.

Curent involvement: Director, District 6, Edwards Aquifer Authority. Environmental representative, South Central Texas Regional Water Planning Group. City of San Antonio: Open Space Advisory Board; Planning Commission Technical Advisory Committee (Environmental/Historical? representative). Boards: Save the Laja, Inc.; Bexar Audubon Society.

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