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Suzanne Daigle is a business strategist, change agent and experienced organizational leader – someone who passionately believes in engagement, dialogue, self-organizing and shared leadership as the key to successfully transforming our organizations. After a fulfilling career in manufacturing and telecommunications spanning over 25 years in the U.S. and Canada, Suzanne has chosen to dedicate this next chapter of her professional life to helping clients create a culture of community in their organizations. She believes that by inviting people to open “space” and “time” in their lives and to actively participate in the real issues of the business, we engage individual passions, interests and experience in a way that inspires action, accountability and commitment to a common purpose. It is by tapping into the collective intelligence as equals, valuing our diversity, gifts and strengths as unique individuals, that we drive meaningful transformative change in our organizations and communities. Suzanne is an Open Space Technology practitioner and has facilitated gatherings with large (300+) and smaller (20 – 50) groups in Canada and the United States, including the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg; the National Alliance of Media, Arts and Culture Conference in Boston, MA; community gathering in Connecticut; and in Arizona at the National Noetic Sciences (IONS) Conference.

Suzanne holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from McMaster? University in Ontario, Canada. She now lives in Sarasota Florida.

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