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This page for administrative use only. Password required for any of these functions. Please stand back and put the keyboard down. Use the BACK button to move away and please keep your hands where we can see them while you do it... <grin> now go look at real pages! ==> OpenSpaceWorldNET


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 Edit-ban list (first set your administrator password in Preferences)

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 usemod.com support... 

OSLIST Emergencies ...seem to trigger questions to website people. The websites and the OSLIST email listserve are totally separate entities. The list is provided through a contact at ListserveBoiseStateUniversity. Current problems with the OSLIST are also clarified there.

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OpenSpaceWorld.ORG is funded by contributions, maintained by MichaelHerman, and open to ALL friends and practitioners. If you'd like to add to the read-only pages here, email webmaster@openspaceworld.org and say something about who you are and what you'd like to post. Then we'll tell you how!