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by Tom Atlee

The facilitator has no agenda

except the emergent agenda seeking to be born

in, among and through the people gathered before her.

Her emptiness is not nothing, though.

It is an invitation and a reflection.

Wherever she moves, radiating welcome,

things take shape, evolve, transform, move on.

She is delighted, fascinated, and as impartial as the sun.

She offers comradeship on a journey into an open space

where co-creativity finds its home and voice.

The greater her skill, the less she does,

but the more profound the life she meets

because life loves, above all things, to find itself

and it always comes to where it can meet,

    embrace, and discover Greater Life,

which it finds in the universal center where she stands.

"Under the best of circumstances," writes Harrison Owen,

"the facilitator will be totally present

    and absolutely invisible."

Like God. Like the Tao. Like the Center of the Universe.

Everywhere -- especially Here.

Tom Atlee

Tom Atlee is founder, co-director, and research director of the non-profit Co-Intelligence Institute.


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