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OSI-US Board Meeting June 23, 2006 Thank you for your comments, adjustments, corrections.

Present: Peggy Holman, Lisa Heft, Douglas Germann Sr., Karen Davis, Tree Fitzpatrick, Christine Whitney Sanchez, Ed Laboy - - Absent: Gabriel Shirley, John Engle, Ric Giardina, Kerry Napuk, Mikk Sarv - - Notes-taker: Lisa Heft

Welcome to Ed Laboy, who joined our meeting to learn more about the Board -- during this meeting Ed officially joined the Board.

1. OSonOS Moscow Grants (Peggy)

Three proposals have been received - - Netra Kaple (Nepal), Mussarrat Youssuf (Pakistan) and Chandi Chpagain (Nepal). Funding criteria was reviewed. Total budget the Institute currently has at this time is $10,000, about 1/2 to 2/3 of which is typically used each year for this sort of funding for individuals seeking assistance to get to OSonOS. Discussion included ‘underserved areas’ -- parallel of funding these practitioners in Nepal to funding practitioners in Haiti. Also concern that these individuals approved get a letter of invitation to show to their embassies if we are still waiting to hear from the Moscow host team.

Actions / Decisions / Agreements :

Mussarrat’s proposal requesting $2884 approved with a request to see if she finds it appropriate, given her circumstances, to recommend what, if any amount, she might be able to contribute for a part of it. Chandi’s proposal requesting $1455 approved. Netra’s proposal requesting $1905 approved. Total $6244.

Tree will contact these three individuals; Peggy will send Tree the approval letter we have used in the past and will handle the mechanics of payment. Peggy will also send a letter used in past which is an official invitation to each individual, for their visa appointments. If we hear from the Russian host team (Lisa asked them for this letter) we can send that letter along, as well.

Gail West is an OSI-US member who is going to OSonOS Moscow; Tree will ask her if she can act as ambassador to these folks while at the conference, welcoming them to the community. If there is additional money from our funds to be sent or brought to the OSonOS to complete the fulfilling of these requests for these individuals, Tree will ask her if she can do this, as well.

2. Annual Report/ Officers Selection (Peggy)

Current budget available is about $10,000 -- including donations this year to-date from membership totaling just under $2200 (from about 10 people). Most significant use of funds annually is funding requestors hoping to attend the annual OSonOS.

Time to elect new officers. Board members are whoever comes; based on passion and responsibility -- those who are willing to put themselves forward for a year’s commitment to participate in these monthly calls and follow what has heart and meaning regarding their own actions and involvement. Officers are selected by asking people to share if they feel called to one of the roles. Peggy is ongoing Treasurer as she handles finances.

Actions / Decisions / Agreements :

Agreed: President (Peggy Holman), Vice President (Lisa Heft), Treasurer (Peggy Heft), Secretary (John Engle)

NEXT MEETING: July 28 11a PST / 7:00 GMT (usual time)

BIN for July 28 OSI(US) Board meeting:

1. Who Are We? Board Members Introduce Ourselves (all)
2. Bookstore Handover (Ric)
3. OS World Map and Members Listing (Peggy)
4. OSI Institutes Collaboration (Karen, Kerry)
5. OSonOSinUS?? (Doug)
6. Continue Expansion of Practice of Peace Events (Karen)
7. Develop an OS Field Guide (Doug)

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