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Session Topic: Cokllaborating with Nature and the Unseen Realms to Manifest our passions and viable change.

Host: GayatriErlandson, cocreating@charter.net

Participants: LucyGreerBurton, gardenkeeper@gmail.com; DougGermann; SheilaIsakson, cisakson@juno.com

Discussion Highlights: We are creative beings who can communicate and collaborate with the creative forces directly to greatly enhance our effectiveness. The exciting part is that Nature WANTS to cocreate with us, to bring forward our visions and other "gardens" - which then are inherently in balance with the Earth. Machaelle Small Wright (MSW) of the Perelandra Institute (www.perelandra-ltd.com) has broken the communication code (using kinesiology) and brought forth numerous specific processes, ways for us to cocreate with Naure. Some are for clearing the Environment: Energy Cleanse, Battle Energy Clearing, Soil Balancing, Atmospheric Balancing, Geopathic Zone Process, etc. Some are more specific for our Health: Medicall Assistance Program (MAP),Telegraph Testing for specific symptoms, Microbial Balancing, etc. The latter are especially important since infectious disease has been on the rise - rendering us to be near the pre-antibiotic stage of medicine (note AIDS, SARS, increasingly resistant strains of Pneumonia, Malaria, TB, polio, etc. She also has created various Flower Essences. Last, she has specific processes to assist our "soil-less" gardens such as our visions, businesses, relationships, etc.

Recommendations: http://www.perelandra-ltd.com

Quote: "No matter how noble our intentions or knowledgable we are, unless we include Nature in the cocreation, maintenance and evolution of our projects, we are manipulating Nature and generating more imbalance in the overall picture." "Cocreative gardening is the substance of our next evolutionarly leap in consciousness."

Unanswered Questions: When will we - collectively - truly change our lifestyles, so as to live cooperatively with ourselves at a deep level, with each other and the Earth?

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