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Host: Lucy Greer Burton
Host: LucyGreerBurton

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Participants & Email: Nancy Franklin <NBFLLL77@aol.com>,Gayatri Erlandson <info@spiritinthesmokies.com>, Lucy Greer Burton <gardenkeeper@gmail.com>
Participants & Email: NancyFranklin <NBFLLL77@aol.com>,GayatriErlandson <info@spiritinthesmokies.com>, LucyGreerBurton <gardenkeeper@gmail.com>

SESSION TOPIC: How to use OS for Building Communty Transformation

Host: LucyGreerBurton

Scribe/note taker: Lucy

Participants & Email: NancyFranklin <NBFLLL77@aol.com>,GayatriErlandson <info@spiritinthesmokies.com>, LucyGreerBurton <gardenkeeper@gmail.com>

Discussion Highlights: Why this topic? the desire for an ideal community leadership center. Explored each persons background and interest in community, one is women's retreats, one is establishing centers dedicated to the wisdom of Sophia and connecting with nature, one is establishing comunical living solutions with common vision. The agreed interest in creating transformation in community.

Recommendations: Draw from the teaching of woman architect, Dorothy Hayden, author of the Grand Domestic Revolution written and in vogue during the 1920-30's and the Feminist Material Movement, which included experiment in collaborative and co-creatived living, extending the shared spaces of living in more cooperative living.

Powerful quotes: The emphasis needs to focus on comon vision. Draw also from the writing and vision of Maechelle Small Wright of Perlandria, Behaving As If the God inAll Life Mattered, her first book, about cocreating with nature in the unseen realms. Connect with nautre in the heart, access intelligence of nature in the unseen realms, Use the head to ask good questions and let the heart answer.

Unanswered questions: How to use OS to do this, to bring people together to discover their united passion. Talk about communty, inspirational speaker to get them thinking about co-created invironemnts that have a vision they are passionate about.

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