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Copyright 2003-2009 OSWorldORG:OpenSpaceInstituteUSA.
Copyright 2003-2010 OSWorldORG:OpenSpaceInstituteUSA.

Copyright 2003-2010 OSWorldORG:OpenSpaceInstituteUSA.

This is a communal space. The material here is owned by OSI-USA, a community organization. OSI-USA is given ownership solely for the purposes of distributing it here in this site. If you want credit for your posts, sign them. If want to retain exclusive ownership of your material, post it on an external site and link to it from here. If you republish anything posted here, it should be annotated with http://www.openspaceworld.NET and the name(s) of authors, if material is signed. If you republish on a website, your quoting should be linked back to OpenSpaceWorld.NET, as well.

Questions about republishing? Contact the authors of what you'd like to republish.

Thank you.

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