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Douglas D. Germann, Sr.

What if Conversations were how we consciously evolve?

http://www.FootprintsintheWind.com (You may post your bloggy thoughts, poetry and articles here; if you have something interesting to say, say so, and we can interview you there, like we did for Eiwor and Chris.)

21136 Kern Road
South Bend, IN 46614 USA
574/291-0022; fax 574/291-0024

I recently worked with a group of people to bring about The Doers Conference: Opening more space for making a difference, to St. Joseph County, Indiana, last year, and Immigration Conversations earlier this year, as well as How then shall we serve for a local church.

Haven't found any humanist lawyers yet, but will let you know if/when I do! --TedErnst
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