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Gayatri Erlandson, PhD?
Gayatri Erlandson, PhD

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CoCreativity? Awakening Center
CoCreativity Awakening Center

Gayatri Erlandson -- GAYATRI is an enthusiast of OST and it's potential in transforming community, and in creating residential transformative communities in particular. Currently she lives in a community of about 8 people, on 2.5 acres of land that has a stream, pond and plenty of space for gardening. Important to her is cocreating with Nature and the unseen, a la the work of Machaelle Small Wright of the Perelandra Institute (www.perelandra-ltd.com) in northern Virginia. The signature put at the end of each of her emails (email address: cocreating@charter.net) is:

Gayatri Erlandson, PhD proprietor of Lotus Lodge, A CoCreativity Awakening Center and managing editor of Spirit in the Smokies Magazine of Awakening & Transformation as told through personal stories, interviews, book reviews and select articles. Contact Gayatri @ 828-667-4343 simply reply to this email. Spirit in the Smokies / Lotus Lodge PO Box 3261; Asheville, NC 28802

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