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Hosting OSonOS 11 together with Thomas, Eiwor and Niels was big fun ! Itís not always possible to create one, perfect circle - just to mention one reason for joy.

I have by now facilatated some 500 large group events, more than 250 of which using Open Space Technology and the OST principles are slowlily but certainly influencing everything else. In 1998 I founded the Open Space Institute Denmark - , and have conducted several training events on OST, together with Harrison Owen and others.

After a long period working mainly with hospitals and other health care institutions, clients now include a wide variety of organisations. Internationally some of my clients are Price Waterhouse Coopers, Shell, Astra Zeneca, Fujitsu, Dow Chemical, Eli Lilly, AKZO-Nobel Chemicals, Alfa Laval and Microsoft. In Holland and Denmark clients include various universities, cities, provinces and ministries.

I am a member of Hepta, a European Management Consultancy Group, and represent Denmark in the International Organisation Development Association (IODA).

I work in Danish, Dutch, English and (ungrammatical) German.

You can reach me at gm@openspace.dk, phone (0045)21269621 or (0031)302520486 Websites: http://www.openspace.dk/ (Danish) and http://www.openspace.be/ (Dutch)


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