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With a consultant friend of mine we have developed a rapid/compact workshop where people quickly learn a whole bunch of easy change processes (Liberating Structures) that they can use to transform the way they work together on a daily basis. While using those Liberating Structures people act their way into a new way of thinking congruent with seeing the world as a complex self-organizing system. So far so good! Participants in 20 different countries have been universally enthusiastic. Many stories of profound changes have emerged. Time will tell. Plexus Institute in cooperation with Positive Deviance Initiative has demonstrated that it is possible to achieve a dramatic reduction of hospital acquired MRSA infections by engaging a large proportion of hospital workers at all levels through a social change process. This has unleashed self-discovery and self-organization and achieved results well beyond the expectations of participants in tackling what is a huge and complex national problem.

1) What are our blind spots that we need to become aware of? 2) I hope to be surprised

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