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Julie (from DeeperOpenSpaceWeblog/ManagingChange), would you tell us something about yourself? --TedErnst

Hi Ted,

Let's see...... I hail from Fairbanks, Alaska. My life is filled with family (husband and two young-adult children) and friends. Lately I've worked for our local school district, mostly with the peer mediation and Peace Games programs. Chris Corrigan, Michael Herman, and Judi Richardson blessed us with their presence in April 2002, when we co-created a Becoming A Peacemaker Conference for 100 + students and nearly that many adults. Since that time, we've had numerous school-wide staff in-services in OST, a community-wide Youth Summit in OST, and a smattering of other events in OST as well.

The other something I'd like to share is that I'm feeling a bit lost in the world of wiki. Is there some easy way to surf? I just end up places, like here, not always even knowing how I arrived. Is there an easy way to do this that I just haven't figured out yet? I'm currently using the Recent Changes pages as a place to look for new things that have been posted. Is there a better way? Geeze......... I hope I can find my way back here to find the answer! :)

Julie Smith

Hi Julie, can't think of a more appropriate thing for you to have on your name page than a conversation full of questions! RecentChanges IS the way to go. Also, the OpenSpaceWorldNET homepage is a good clean view, too. It takes a little while, just like the first time in Open Space Tech meeting, but there is ground. There is stability here. And then there are still moments of 'wow, there's a lot here.' It's all good! --MichaelHerman


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