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here the story..

2 school in central copenhagen have existed for 2 generations - they are next door to each other - but has never cooperated and has developed 2 different cultures - now some courageous politicians finally decided that they must become one school...

So we used open space for that ... 6 1/2 hour on a saturday - 110 people showed up from both schools - 15 pupils many from the pupils councils, 60 teachers, and 35 parents.....

The kindergarden classes had made large drawings on how they saw the new school - this adorned the 2 sport halls that was the frame of the process... we checked into the days with the band from 5 grade playing "oye como va" - Santana song - then we team palyed with a tennis ball game - with much laugther and innovation - and then opening space with 2 rounds and a medicin wheel council in the end.

They realized they not only could but that they enjoyed working together....

the new school community was created...and now they know they can do together...

they were truely surprised

it is such a pleasure and necessity to involve the children in creating their own future learning environments...

many greetings

- toke <toke@interchange.dk>

"Many tensions in the world may originate from the conversations that never take place." - Margrethe the second of Denmark - 31.12.03

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