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Hello, I am Misty Dunn. I live in Sacramento, CA. I have been a volunteer for La Leche League International (LLLI) for 34 years, leading meetings locally, as well as facilitating Communication Skills sessions for La Leche League and the community. For the past four years, I have been learning and working to help LLLI change its organizational structure so that its volunteers could more easily self-organize to get the support and resources needed to better help mothers and babies.

I have attended a few OST events and they have been wonderful OST feels so respectful and vibrant; I feel a real rapport with how it all works. I am eager to continue learning more about OST and sharing with all of you.


Contact Info:

Misty Dunn 2920 Royce Drive, Sacramento, CA 95864 Home: 916-484-6631 Cell: 916-425-6916 Email willmist@comcast.net

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