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Issue:The Role/Purpose? of Open Space Institutes

Convenor:Brian Bainbridge

Participants: Audrey, Toke, Christa, Joelle, Peggy, Judi, Kerry, Hannah, Agnetta S., Antti-Juhani, Michelle C., Gabriela E.

Summary of the meeting:

Follow up:

Online Comments:

(Online comment copied from the page /OpenSpaceInstitute).I was expecting this session to give an opinion about two questions I sent to the OSlist some time ago. What would you think of an OSI based on language an not geography - in this case, Portuguese - including Portugal, Brasil, and the Portuguese speaking countries in Africa and Asia? And what if it was Iberian (Portuguese and Spanish) like the Iberian Wiki? Would you believe like myself that this is a different and more sustainable way of "going global"? Comments from the members of this session are mostly welcome -- ArturSilva

Janet -- This discussion speakes directly to our Concerns here in India, as need to set up 'Open Space Institute of India' begins to loom large in the context of the event planned for Goa next year. I feel a sense of being achored in the experiences that are shared. We will come back to you, to pick on your wisdom, gained in Australia and elsewhere.

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