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Update November 2009 We members of the Open Space Institute US Board are exploring how different technologies may improve our communication and collaboration.

Purpose of This Space

This open working space for the board and friends of the OSWorldORG:OpenSpaceInstituteUSA is maintained as a demonstration project to show how an international organization can be run in an Open Space way. As a group, we are also learning our way around this new, "wikiweb" format. OSWorldORG:OpenSpaceInstituteUSA/BoardMembers

What We're Up To

Board Proceedings

2010 Board Notes

2009 Board Notes

2008 Board Notes

2007 Board Notes

2006 Board Notes

2005 Board Notes

2004 Board Notes

Working Notes for some of our past and present projects

Some Draft Documents for some of our projects

Bylaws can be found here: [ByLaws]


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OpenSpaceWorld.ORG is funded by contributions, maintained by MichaelHerman, and open to ALL friends and practitioners. If you'd like to add to the read-only pages here, email webmaster@openspaceworld.org and say something about who you are and what you'd like to post. Then we'll tell you how!