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I am proposing that when this event is convened, we post the proceedings into this .NET space as anchor and encouragement for all of what might unfold here on this site, in support of community, practice and peace. MichaelHerman

Proceedings can be viewed at: http://pop.bigmindcatalyst.com/cgi/bmc.pl?node=1




The Practice of Peace: A Learning Expedition in Open Space

Join Harrison Owen,Originator of Open Space Technology,and colleagues working in Israel, the Palestinian territories, Kashmir, Colombia, U.S. urban communities, and Haiti who are opening space for peace.

November 9, 7:00 PM – November 12, 5:00 PM (Sunday evening dinner through Wednesday)

The Whidbey Institute, Whidbey Island, Washington, one hour north of Seattle in the center of Puget Sound

This self-organizing gathering will explore what we’ve learned about working in situations of conflict and tension. Whether in the workplace or the world, learn how open space expands the field for new possibilities to emerge. If you wish to understand peace within organizations or communities, between factions of society, or between nations or even peace within yourself, you will find this workshop of value.

Genuine Peace will never be attained with the elimination of chaos, confusion and conflict. In fact all three are essential to the continuance of life. Without chaos, there is no open space for future possibilities. Without confusion, old ideas and ways of thinking stick around well beyond their time. And without conflict, ideas and approaches fail to reach their full potential, never having been sharpened in the intense conversation of critical assessment. Peace of the sort that brings wholeness, harmony and health to our lives only happens when chaos, confusion and conflict are included and transcended.

--Harrison Owen, creator of Open Space Technology

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