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Rachel Lyn's constultancy focuses on nurturing a culture of generativeity in organizational systems. She uses the choice-crisis continuum to achieve results. She has a backround in enterprenuerial activity and process consulting and recieved formal education in OD with LIOS in their masters of applied behavioral science program.

Currently, I am working with a group of professionals connected through various groups including the following:Leadership Institute of Seattle Alumni Antioch Organizational Psychology Alumni Seattle University Organizational and Systems Renewal Alumni Association for Training and Development Pacific Northwest Organizational Development Network Pepperdine School of Business and Management. We are committed to creating a replicable platform for social dialogue and self organization that will allow people in communities and across societal differences to engage and share their stories and collectively pay attention to what emerges from their network of resources in this era of rapid change and eco-social turbulence. This work is inspired by open space and is visible at

http://leadershipcultivation.blogspot.com http://socialactionmothership.pbwiki.com

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