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Welcome back! The links below have changed recently.

Click the link to see the new page. Click 'diff' to see the changes highlighted. Summaries of changes may appear in [] on some changes, if the changer filled in the summary line on the edit page. If you set a name for yourself in the Preferences page (linked in header), your name will be added to your postings. [RSS]

Notes from the "Share your favorite processes" flip chart page at the LSOW conference. Individual/interpersonal processes: 1. meditation-dhamma.org 2. Nonviolent Communication 3. focusing.org 4. Learning conversation 5. thejourneytocompletion.com 6. Landmark 7. Vipassana

Group/organizational/network processes: 1. Open Space 2. Council 3. World Cafe 4. Appreciative Inquiry 5. Gracious Space 6. Value Stream Map 7. compassionatelistening.org 8. goodneighbors.net 9. Community weaving 10. Dynamic Faciliation

Regional/national/global processes: 1. Open Space 2. Wisdom Council 3. Citizen Deliberative Councils 4. healthydemocracy@regon.org 5. globalcitizenjourney.org

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