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Saving An Historic Roman District in Instanbul

We organized a 4 hrs OST meeting about saving an historic roman district in Istanbul in january 2007.

40 people including academics, students, people from that district, activists have participated in the meeting.

The energy and creativity was such that completely self organizing, independent people and groups have

organized more then 10 seminars, many festivals, 50 articles have been written in turkish, english and german in Turkey

and abroad. The demolishment of the district has been delayed. Legal action was taken about the renovation project.

Unesco was contacted and was invited to take action.

We unfortunately can not save the district but many people were mobilized, the work is still going on by itself. There is no center, no budget, no plan, no control, no management, no hierarchy, no rules, everything is self organizing.

You can see the activities at http://www.40gun40gecesulukule.com; http://www.sulukulegunlugu.blogspot.com

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