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OSI Board Meeting 2007-06-29 Present: Tree, Gabriel, Peggy, Doug

Check-ins were accomplished

BIN for June 29, 2007 OSI(US) Board meeting:

Items Covered this Meeting:

3. Making individual grants from a 501(c)3 (non-profit organization) (Doug)

Doug reports he has begun the research process and will have more to say at a later date.

8. Non-profit report for WA state is due (Peggy)

The report is due annually. It lists directors and names President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer. Peggy generally has the Treasurer role since she handles the finances. Peggy will ask directors for confirmation of their interest to continue for the next year.

Report: June 25 WOSonOS2008 call. Notes posted online here: http://www.openspaceworld.org/cgi/netwiki.cgi?WorldOSonOS

Next Meeting:

July 27, 11am Pacific

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