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Open Space facilitator working in Portugal and latin speaking countries.

Has convened in this wiki a dialogue on the SpiritofOST where some MetaFoundationsofOST have been develloped and are open to debate.

Is Coordinator of the Iberian OST Wiki in Portuguese and Spanish at [IberiaWiki]

Languages spoken: Portuguese, French, Spanish, English, some Italian and Catalan

As It happened presencially in OSonOS in Berlin, I would like to profit from my online participation in OSonOSinSwenMark to make some connections with old and new friends, namelly with Latin speaking participants from everywhere and eventually convene an online session on "How to devellop OST in latin speaking countries and regions?"


Artur, as for the alphabetical order, when I created that page, I did it as you did, alphabetical by first name. MichaelHerman changed it to alphabetical by last name and I kept up that pattern. I prefer first name, the way you did. As for your other comment about adding names to NamePages, well, I suppose there are different ways to look at it. When I created the NamePages page, I didn't think it would be only for practitioners, but as a catagory for any page on this wiki that is a NamePage (meaning it's a personal page related to a specific person). That's why I've put NamePages on each person's personal page. I suppose I could continue to put this catagory on each person's page and then they could add themselve to NamePages, but I'm not sure what we gain by limiting the people listed on NamePages. From the main page: Open Space practitioners and participants -- those already beginning to use OST in their communities -- are invited to do their work here. Practitioners can convene ongoing project workgroups and/or post the proceedings from OST conferences online. Participants can use this space to coordinate follow-up activities. The intention is to enrich the OST story through this open, public practice of OST. We invite you convene something here. Invite others to work on specific projects and conferences in this online open space. Let's keep talking! --TedErnst

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