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Audrey Coward 2281 F Lakeshore Boulevard West The Mews at Grand Harbour, Toronto, Ontario M8V 1A8 E-mail: audreycoward@bellnet.ca

Audrey Coward has over twenty years experience as a consultant to senior leaders in government, not- for - profit and the public and private sectors. She specializes in leading edge approaches to:

Large scale change and transformation Coaching Team Building Management and Leadership Development Training Human Resources Management

She partners with her clients to customize a variety of methods. Audrey works effectively with all levels of the organization from front line to executive in union and non-union environments.

Audrey is an active member of the Open Space Institute of Canada. Open Space Technology is an innovative approach to more creative and productive meetings, ongoing leadership, change management and organizational transformation. Her passion for Open Space Technology and its promise led to in-depth training with Harrison Owen, the founder of Open Space, Larry Peterson and Birgitt Williams.

Audrey co-facilitated and designed a workshop on facilitating Open Space Technology with Larry Peterson and Dianne Gibeault. She facilitated and co- facilitated numerous open space events with up to six hundred participants. She enjoys coaching and mentoring others to become facilitators. Audrey gained North American and International experience by attending numerous conferences on Open Space in Germany, The U.S. and Canada.

She earned an M.S. in Organization Development from the American University/National? Training Laboratories, Washington D.C., 1994, a Post Graduate Human Resources Management Certificate (Honours), Seneca College, and a B.A. in English, Memorial University, St.Johnís,Newfoundland. She successfully completed the Myers Briggs Type Indicator Qualifying Program Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioners Certificate, Appreciative Inquiry Skill and Theory Development and the Advanced Program on Strategic Change

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