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OSI-US Board Meeting

July 16, 2009

Attending: Lisa, Gabriel, Peggy, Gabriel, Doug


Gabriel – taking the week off to do school things, work keeps invading my life, interested in the pace of life compared to WSJ article need to have unstructured, day dreaming time to have insights.

Doug – just got back from a week in Seattle, got to meet with Peggy and others. Wonderful conversations. Getting caught up on the back up. Looking forward to babysitting grandchildren while son goes off to Thailand. Perhaps a good time for the daydreaming time.

Peggy – Last week in Ocean Shores working on book, manuscript. Just had a call with editor at BK who is enthusiastic – needing to come up with examples of engaging emergence and upheaval. Journalism work continues. Did first TV interview in Port Townsend with Jim Rough. Another interview today with a blogger who has an association of associations.

Christine – Many balls in the air. Need to catch some and drop some. New model just came in – could be the impetus for writing.

Lisa – work balance with parental care. Mom fell down but is ok. All is good and rich.

Business 1. Selection of Officers

2. WOSonOS? 2009 - How Much to Send to Access Queen, Funding, OSI focus


It would be a wonderful thing to have that mythical f2f time to do strategy/restructure work.

Action Commitments


BIN for 8/19/09

  1. Office of Public Engagement (Christine)
    1. Rethinking our Product Strategy (Gabriel, Christine)
    2. OSI World website(Christine)
    3. Open Space DVD for the Corporate World(Tree)
    1. OSI-OZ Training Model (Christine)
    2. Sending Trainers to Underserved Areas (Lisa, Karen, Doug)

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