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Present: Peggy Holman, Lisa Heft, Doug Germann, John Engle, Michael Herman (in passing) and Kerry Napuk Apologies: Karen Davis and Gabriel Shirley Minutes by Kerry Napuk and posting by John Engle


The following officers were selected and unanimously agreed by the Board for the following year:

President, Peggy Holman

Vice President, Lisa Heft

Treasurer, Peggy Holman

Secretary, Doug Germann

The other five Board members will continue as non executive directors.


Considerable discussion and progress was made over the organization's by-laws. It was agreed that Doug and Kerry would take all the comments made and present a final draft for the next Board meeting. They would look at the existing statement of purpose on the wiki wiki site when revisiting the preamble.


All the Board members at this meeting will be there, as well as Karen Davis. So, it was decided to hold the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Halifax. Peggy said she would try to send an email to the OSI membership list announcing the AGM and asking for dues to be paid through the new penpal system set-up by Michael Herman, which needs to be tested.


Doug reported the site is open for notes and urged all Board members to post. You can use your own name. Look for the post bottom at the top. Peggy said she would email the OSI list of 400 people.


John Engle said there would be between 50 and 60 people today at the OSonOS in Haiti, even though conditions there still are very difficult.


Michael said it was not yet live, because there is a technical difficulty which he is working to resolve.


The next Board meeting will be on Friday, August 26, 2005 at the regular time, that is, 7.00 P.M. GMT and 9.00 A.M. PST.


The items carried over in the Bin are as follow:

1. By laws rewritten and presented for final approval and posting on wiki wiki (Doug, Kerry)

2. Paypal system and test purchase (Peggy,Michael)

3. Latest update on birthday plans (Doug, Karen)

4. World Service Market (Michael)

5. Dee Dickinson/New? Horizon stories on OS & education (John, Kerry)

6. Income generation, e.g. look at Michael Pannwitz's map model (Kerry, Peggy)

7. What people want to happen under OSI umbrella, inviting responsibility to seek passion (Karen, John)

8. Estonia wiki on education (Mikk)

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