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Hosting OSonOS 11 together with Thomas, Eiwor and Niels was big fun ! Itís not always possible to create one, perfect circle - just to mention one reason for joy.

I have by now facilatated some 400 large group events, almost 200 of which using Open Space Technology and the OST principles are slowlily but certainly influencing everything else. In 1998 I founded the Open Space Institute Denmark - , and have conducted several training events on OST, together with Harrison Owen and others.

After a long period working mainly with hospitals and other health care institutions, clients now include a wide variety of organisations. Internationally some of my clients are Price Waterhouse Coopers, Shell, Astra Zeneca, Fujitsu, Dow Chemical, Eli Lilly, AKZO-Nobel Chemicals, Alfa Laval and Microsoft. In Holland and Denmark clients include various universities, cities, provinces and ministries.

I am a member of Hepta, a European Management Consultancy Group, and represent Denmark in the International Organisation Development Association (IODA).

I work in Danish, Dutch, English and (ungrammatical) German.

You can reach me at gm@openspace.dk, phone (0045)21269621 or (0031)302520486 Websites: http://www.openspace.dk/ (Danish) and http://www.openspace.be/ (Dutch)


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