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I expect to find on OSonOS XI people, who have experiences and are burning for idea to develop OS in Nature and forests, in co-operation with First Nations, to open space for trees, plants, animals, birds, fishes etc. About my background: Trained as a biologist and forester, I have worked in the field of environmental conservation and the preservation of heritage before being hired as advisor to the Rapla county authorities. Freelance radio journalist, musician, and teacher of courses in heritage and shamanism, founder of people's movement of rural communities KODUKANT (http://www.kodukant.ee) in Estonia. I am working nowadays for Estonian Fund for Nature (http://www.elfond.ee) as community forestry coordinator. I use to conduct meetings and conferences with singing and music for last 25 years. I encountered with Open Space Technology one and half years ago in Scotland, Edinbourgh at Community Woodlands Annual Meeting. I have conducted OS meetings after that several times in Estonia and in Russian Saamiland (Lapland).


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