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The OSWorld Service Market exists to invite, support and document projects that make significant use of Open Space Technology in support of the common good. This space is for your passion and responsibility, your learning and contribution, your requesting and providing direct support, financial and otherwise, for doing more Open Space work everywhere in the world.

How does this work?

1. PROPOSE/REQUEST... anyone can email a proposal and request for funding or other support for some sort of learning and contributing in open space, using the format provided below. we will post it to the OS World Service [weblog] almost immediately (eventually emails will be sent directly to the weblog). we will also post it to the OS World community via the OSLIST in a quarterly batch with other requests.

2. RESPOND... if anyone is willing and able to help you, they will contact you directly so that you can discuss the details of your proposal and request. if anyone decides to help you financially, those transactions will take place directly between you and your supporters. inquiries may come right after posting, or might come weeks or months later. plan to be patient and feel free to send quarterly updates if you continue to work and make progress before finding the help you want. everything you are able to do on your own will strengthen your request for support.

3. DO IT! ...once you find the support you have asked for, you go do your work and produce the event or other specific actions or results promised to your supporters. if the work is a long-term project, you might send quarterly updates on your progess, possibly renewing your request for help.

4. REPORT... once your work is completed, send us a short (250 words) report about what you did and what was accomplished and we will post that to the weblog for all to see your success. this contribution will add to collective learning and help support any future requests you might want to make in the future.

Who is 'we'?

OSI-USA... acting as opener and holder of this space, but not endorsing, evaluating, offering or otherwise supporting anything other than the flow of information about needs and opportunities, requests and offers. In this way, proposals and requests are made and support given directly by passionate and responsible individuals. It's Open Space!

What kinds of activities can be proposed for support?

To date, OSI-USA has provided financial and other kinds of support for four broad categories of needs or projects. These are listed here ONLY as a guide:

Others kinds of projects or requests are most welcome, just be sure to explain what they are, how they use Open Space Technology, and why they are important to support.

What is required for proposing and requesting?

What should your proposal and request include? (see OSWorldServiceFormat for draft language, multiple sources)


2. PROPOSAL AND BENEFITS: (please be brief, less is more)

3. WHY DO YOU WANT TO DO THIS? (what's your passion?)

4. WHAT RESOURCES DO YOU HAVE? ...AND WHAT DO YOU NEED? (be as specific as you can about money, time, skills, materials, space, equipment, guidance, etc...)


6. WHAT IS YOUR TIMELINE? (start and finish dates, major milestones)


8. CONTACT PERSON: (name, address, phone, email, website?, photo?)

Still have questions?

Please post them to the comments page for this post. They will be answered in the comments, by email, and/or added to the material here in the main posting. Thanks!

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