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Issue:How to stay involved after the Open SPace meeting

Convenor:Agneta Falk

Participants:Eddie Palmer, Inge Struck Jorgersen

Summary of the meeting:How to prepare people to do the work afterwards, how to encourage dialogue afterwards, if that' s what people want? How to be prepared to set aside time for doing the work after? To set aside time for action planning? How to engage managers in a work that they could experience as a threat to their normal ways?


Eddie: Th3 city council dept of Glasgow which cares for museums and art galleries has used OS for over 4 years for a variety of topics. The manager in charge has the following quealities:

has a vision

She can communicate with her staff

keeps hands off and allows people to get on with their work

she recruites good people with imagination

she takes risks

prepared to use OST for long term projects

prepared to face up to unwilling staff and the unions

the topics covered have included:

what do our customers think of us

how can we improve our services

 how con our facilities be more userfriendly

what is the role of the public and volunteers in helping us.

Inge: We talked about the important role of @fire souls@ and that they need support form colleagues a n d formal leaders and unions and that is not always the case.

In the talk with the sponsors make them aware that some of their staff might leave the job and they might get problems with the unions. THey must be aware of givens, restrcitions or opening the space even more. Make it open in the opening.

Follow up:

Online Comments:

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