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The idea is to discuss the experience of collaboration between Onsite and Online participants at OSonOS, based on this year's experience and on preceding ones, and to propose ways to have a better collaboration in the future. Both onsite and online participants are invited to contribute to this online session - opinions of onsite participants are critical. This session was opened in August, 24 (first day of OSonOSinSwenMark) and will end in due time... A copy of the conclusions from this dialogue will be send to the organizors of the next OSonOS well in advance of the event. My proposal (that can be refined) is to organize the dialogue in the following sections. If you want to comment on the structure or propose other points please do it in /OnsiteAndOnlineStructure. -- ArturSilva

(Work in Progress just now - please join! Gabriel, Viv, Alan, Ted and Chris already added some comments and suggestions)

Feelings and Reflections from this Year's Experience

From online participants

From onsite participants

From OSonOSinSwenMark organizing team

From online helping group

==== /OtherOnSiteAndOnlineComments (extracted from the OSonOS Cafe)====

Comparison with Last Year (and previous ones)

Suggestions to Next Year

Could you talk more about the reasons not to add people to the NamePages if they've created their own page on the wiki? Thanks! --TedErnst

Let me first clarify what I wanted to say. When someone subscribes as an online participant to a Conference, if one puts an Wiki name than a page with one's name will be created that one can then fill. If one doesn't create a Wiki name, then a Gnome can change that - that's ok. What I disagree is that a Gnome also puts the name of that participant in the page named "NamePages" in the overall osw.net space. I have two reasons for suggesting that. First: some people subscribe to the Conference only as one way to advertise themselves - puting their names in the NamePages a Gnome is further increasing that advertisement and making it more solid (as the Conference will end one day but the general wiki no). Second: Anyone can add her name to the NamePages of the general wiki. But that will mean a certain responsability - that person is implicitly saying that she is an OST practicioner or that she is involved in some ongoing project on the general wiki. I think a Gnome shall not assume that responsability in the name of others - hence liberating them from assuming (or not) that responsability themselves. Only an opinion... -- ArturSilva.

Further Online Ongoing Comments and Reflexions

(when onsite participants will be back home and have more time to participate online)

Report (to be filled durind the dialogue)

Issue: On site and Online Colaboration at OSonOS : experiences to date and suggestions for the future

Convenor: ArturSilva


Summary of the meeting:

Follow up:

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