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I see that there is a slightly different format being followed in this conference, with two openings. This makes two one-day events rather than one two-day event.

Will some of those present in the planning of the event comment on what was the intention/experiment about this?

Will some of the participants say a few words about how this works?

I've done my two-day practice workshops in this way. I expect that this approach helps reinforce the 'practice' nature of OST, demonstrating that we can open the space every morning in any organization. --MichaelHerman

As my OST training workshop has also a similar format, like Michael I would like to see comments from the organizers and from onsite participants. From the outside it seem a good experiment to make - ArturSilva

As far as I remember the organizers said it was done

- to give us the chance to see two different persons facilitate

- to allow both facilitators beeing a participant for at least one day

Beeing a particant I loved this format, because it gave the space to raise new topics on the second day. My topic (living in open space with those who don't want to) arose from a lesson where I participated on the first day. And furthermore - beeing new at OSonOS I needed participating on the first day to dare rising a topic at all. Facilitating two-day workshops I will use this format, too. It seems most appropiate to the open-space-idea to me. - Marei Kiele


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