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Hi friends,
I am thrilled to have found this conference, and am so grateful for the people who set this up. I use Mindell's worldwork in my facilitation, but was lucky to have been a couple of time in groups and organization that used open space technology and of course have read some of Owen's books, but it is wonderful to meet a group of practitioners and feel and see and smell the work and the personalities involved with it. Smell the work online? That's how it feels like over here, when I was reading the deep, thoughtful, fun and interesting contributions. I was about to go out for my morning run on the hill next to our house, where a solitary net of trails cover some 30-40 miles, when I ran into this link instead, through an email. An before I knew it, I found myself sitting in a cybercafe that is everywhere and also in Denmark. Now I am off to my run. As a born Swiss, I am still in awe of the vastness of Oregon, the untouched beauty of nature. Yesterday, my run brought me right next to a herd of some 40 elks, with their kids tagging along, who wandered through the opening in the forest. It was touching to see fellow beings on their journey, not knowing where their fate will take them, and sharing this moment when we looked at each other, before they took off. I was touched by what I perceived an openness to whatever situation, and acceptance of life as an unpredictable path, they were my teachers for the day.


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