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Any refs would be great Nancy...thanks.

Bill to your point...it's a small rural community far from a big city, but near a small city. The police don't come out to the community, and there is little trust there.

The drug problem centres around crystal meth, heroin and cocaine as well as bootleg alcohol being provided to minors. I'm sure there's lots of pot being consumed, but that's not unusual for British Columbia, nor is it particularly remarkable. There are a few known drug houses and the dealers are known to most people in the community.

The community has a couple of youth workers, and leadership is considering hiring a youth worker to coordinate recreation, but bottom line is that there isn't much to do. The point about youth power is a good one and something to consider.

Results of the problem, other than addiction, include violence, suicide and theft, notably from the older people in the community and senior family members of addicts.

I'm familiar with many drugs and their effects and work with communities where drug use is frequent. I'd say this community has a problem, and that's what they are saying too.

Thanks for the questions.

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