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I would like to register myself and 3 co-workers for the OpenSpaceOnOpenSpaceInUS meeting in Chicago, Nov 6-8, 2004.
I'm Deirdre Knowles. I'm a psychotherapist and workshop leader in Tukwila,
Washington (just south of Seattle). I'm also a 30+ year volunteer for La
Leche League and have taught communication skills for over 20 of those

I love learning new things, especially new and better ways of communicating,
organizing and connecting with others. I'm particularly interested in how to
use OST ideas to organize training-type meetings, where folks with
specialized knowledge to share can do so, but in a more learner-focused OS

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Barbara Emanuel - emanuel@cruzio.com
Diana Lewis - delia@hctc.net
Becky Hugh - breastfeed@mchsi.com
Deirdre Knowles - dknowles@eskimo.com

Note: We may have one more join us, but I can't confirm just yet.

I have been a volunteer for La Leche League International (LLLI) for 25 years. For the last five years I have been working for LLLI as a Director (just a title -- I'm really doing what I can to change how LLL is organized, eliminate hierarchical structure and release the spirt of those who volunteer in this organization to do what they do best -- help mothers and babies) for the 20 Western US states.

Those listed above are also volunteers for La Leche League Intl and are working to the same purpose.

I was first introduced to OST through another organization and the OST events I have attended have been wonderful -- the work truly speaks to me. I/we would love to learn more about OST to share with others so they can experience the benefits as well.

We look forward to learning and sharing with all of you.

Barbara Emanuel
747 Rebecca Drive
Boulder Creek, CA 95006
Home 831.338.3384 PST
Bottom of my Purse 831.239.8450
Email emanuel@cruzio.com

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