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The Invitation

online wiki space seems to me like the closest thing to ongoing, online openspace, because everyone can have a hand in posting, editing and rearanging what's on the big wall.

if this is one big open space, for ost practitioners worldwide, there should be some sort of framing invitation and focus (givens/criteria) for what should/could go on here???

Welcome to OpenSpaceWorldNET!


projects and proceedings from public/community events led by practitioners worldwide

eventually, i expect the invitation to be moved to the front page of this wiki.

also, as the list of projects grows, it can be parsed into categories. as the categories grow, they can be moved into their own pages, so the front page is just the list of project categories.

this makes it possible for any OST practitioner, anywhere to provide a local meeting, practice group or community organization the most basic support for working in ongoing, online openspace. if such space had existed one year ago, the proceedings and followup for the following events and projects could have been posted here, as ongoing, living examples of os in action:

*imagine chicago's ten-year global conf in os
*imagine nepal's one-day foundational os meeting
*milwaukee makes place 3-evening openspace event
*christine kent's upstart australian women's organization
*alan silverman's project to transform US democratic party
*ashoka institute for community practice, bowen island BC
*sheila isakson's women in leadership summit
*american montessori society regional conference in os
*ted ernst's chicago humanist work
*some of john engle's work?
*peggy's journalism work?
*spiritedwork upstarts in other cities?
*world social forum or chicago social forum stuff?
*and probably some others that i'm forgetting

some of the above now live at GlobalChicago:Incubator. others could still be created here, and others could be invited via oslist and website invitations... if we frame, bound, focus, write the invitation for this project space.

what do we want to invite to grow in this practitioner project space? are there things that are not okay to grow here? al-queda annual conference in open space? what are the criteria and responsibilities for creating a workspace here?





other issues


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