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What is information we lose.
Continue asking questions.
Sense making
Bear the burden of a king.
Giving space.

Listening is healing.
Appreciate silence.

Value diversity
"Let's-pick-one-way" tendency
Maximize collective intelligence.

Depth over Order (pick one right away)
Diverse viewpoints

Patriotism, cynicism, water-cooler
No identity

Choice point
What worldviews to bring in.
See multiple possibilies
Offering stories

Be more conscious of sense-making process

Shadow, self-interest
Create more options
Order and chaos
Transformational, willingness
A lot of unknown hang around

Not Leadership in Self-organizing world
*Getting people to buy
*King of the hill

Leadership in Self-organizing world
*Don't get stuck in...Be open
*Keep dropping seeds.
*Not freaked out...what you can't do
*Be bold and Listen
*Be whole, manifest yourself
Make room for others to do the same
*Let go
*Witness what's happening
*Have the energy
*Create presence, source of attraction
*Spirit of invitation
*Create hospitable space
*Notice who is not
*Being a host
*Make it explicit

Get into zone, hang out there
Options will show up
Don't design for specific outcomes
Design for emergence to happen.
Help people question more.
Emergent design

Self-organizing team vs Self-directed team
Option within a structure

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