Open Space Institute(US)

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We believe that inspired behavior can be an everyday experience and that humanity is limited by its perceptions of the possible. The OSI was created to grow that sense of possibility and make it a reality by focusing on: learning, research and practice.

Open Space and the Open Space Institute mean different things to different people. Furthermore they each continue to evolve. Since both are highly fluid and dynamic, as you read these notes on why the Open Space Institute(US) exists and what it does, it is undoubtedly changing. As a result and reflection of this, the Institute webpage and the rest of the work of the Open Space Institute(US) is very much a work in progress.

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The Open Space Institute(US) holds space for Open Space. Open Space Institute(US) serves by:


Activities for Accomplishing our Purpose

Board Governance

The Board of Directors is guided by Open Space Technology principles.

In Practice:

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