Please Join Us!

OpenSpaceWorld.ORG is a global community resource, managed by a volunteer webmaster, supported over the last ten years or so by a number of helpers and contributors, and linked to a number of other Open Space community gathering points and resource sites. “Membership,” online and around the world, is open, informal, self-selected — and active.

How to Get Involved in the Open Space Community:


How to Send Your Story for Posting in our Blog:

Open Space World invites and welcomes your Open Space news, invitations, insights, questions, and resources for posting in the weblog here. As volunteer webmaster, I am happy to post your contributions for you. It’s easier to cut and paste from your emails than to talk you through the technicalities of blog posting.

Here’s what to do:

  1. SEND YOUR NEWS — in the body of an email message, not an attachment. Share an Open Space invitation, resource, practice question, event report or other news. Please use short paragraphs (for more readable posts) and not more than 100-150 words in total (for a more readable page). Be sure to make clear the link to Open Space practice. In many cases, posting just a few lines will be enough. Think soundbites not speeches. Then link to the details, as needed.
  2. INCLUDE LINK(s), up to three website names and addresses where people can read or listen or watch more. You’re welcome to include more links, if necessary, or embed them in your post — if you can write that code yourself.
  3. TITLE YOUR POST. Snappy or simple, but not more than a few words, please.
  4. SIGN YOUR POST with your name and an email/web address where blog readers might find you with questions or ideas. The address will be posted in name(at)address(dot)com format.

Special notes on photos, files and languages. Photos should be small, 150K or less, limit one per posting. Other files you’d like to share (proceedings documents, invitation flyers, articles and the like) should be posted someplace else on the web and linked from your blog post. I will post contributions in any language, as long as they will cut and paste, save and load in the blog. This might rule out cyrillic, hebrew, arabic, and some asian language fonts, but we can try and see what works.

When I receive your message, if it’s ready for posting, it will be published at my earliest convenience, usually less than a week. If many requests come in at the same time, I will queue them up, so your news might not appear for some days after it’s actually posted. If I don’t understand something you send, I will send it back for clarification. In general, I will not edit or evaluate your message. Think of me as the guy standing next to the agenda wall, passing out little strips of high-tech tape, so you can hang your Open Space news on the web.

These are the basic rules or guides. This is what I need to post your work. If I find that this whole process gets off balance or confusing, I may suggest additional guides as we go along. And at some point, those with lots of news to post will be invited and encouraged to learn the technical details of how to post directly for themselves — and for others.

Thank you. Welcome. Join Us!

Michael Herman