Admin questions about how and why we do things here...

How does the Delete Page work? Does someone (MichaelHerman) manually delete the pages marked for deletion or is there a script? Should we make this more explicit at some point so people understand why their pages are being deleted in case they don't already know? --TedErnst

Delete Page is explained in the summary note for the current (last) version of the page. In most cases they are pages that don't have anything in them, pages made by mistake. I search and delete them manually by pasting the search results into the editlinks page that runs on admin password. --MichaelHerman

When do you perform the actual deletion? Just curious. The pages you marked for deletion today were clearly all mistakes or obsolete. Some pages, however, the person that created it might've done it on purpose but just doesn't understand the deletion, like the OnlineComments page, for example. It would be nice to have some way to explain it without resorting to RecentChanges, though that certainly works as well, just doesn't allow for any discussion. Or maybe it does? When you delete the page, it can still be re-created from diff? Hmm. Okay, that's enough. --TedErnst

I delete them periodically. After the conference, for instance, once I see that nothing important in those duplicate versions is lost. And yes, while sitting waiting for deletion, any of them can be resurrected. --MichaelHerman

I noticed that when you changed the Proceedings pages to SubPages, you also fixed typos and made other minor changes in improve readablity and understanding. Is there any way those types of changes are tracked a la RecentChanges or otherwise? As unlikly as it might seem, might a page creator or the community at large take issue with a name change from time to time but not notice that it happened because it's invisible? --TedErnst

Nothing I or anybody else does is invisible, just not yet noticed. It's all visible, and editable. Small changes can be still be noted in summary lines. Saving multiple versions helps, one change per version. Summary notes show up in list of past versions, too. Also, there is option in Preferences to show all edits, last edits, and/or minor edits in your RecentChanges page. --MichaelHerman

But when you change the name of a page (moving it to a SubPage, for example), doesn't that change all references to that page, including in RecentChanges? How would I be able to tell you'd done this? --TedErnst

because it shows up as page/subpage. --MichaelHerman